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We run a unique forced matrix system divided into 5 stages. Discover how you can earn over $13,500 through a simple and low cost internet marketing opportunity.

Utilize our easy-to-use system, earn a substantial income by introducing the OceansWealth program to other people, who also follow our effective wealth building system.

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OceansWealth Forced Matrix

The compensation plan of Oceanswealth is divided into 5 stages (GOLD, CRYSTAL, MASTER, PLATINUM and CHAMPION). Each stage is structured into two (2) levels each i.e Level1 and Level2 and the whole system was designed around a Feeder/Follow-Me matrix approach where members upgrade automatically based on the actions of their downlines and sub-downlines. Stage1 through Stage5 is based on 2×2 follow-me forced matrix, you can withdraw the profit anytime and it would be sent to your preferred wallet/account whereas the upgrade fee will be used in processing your upgrade to the next level.

You can learn more about our compensation plans at compensation plans page.

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OceansWealth MarketPlace

In conjunction with the matrix system we offer, we also offer a simple marketplace within your client area where every registered member can upload and sell their products/services (if any) freely.

** Please  be warned, OceansWealth is not in any way responsible for transactions carried out with other members, only products sold directly by OceansWealth carry zero risk. Deal wisely on the platform and report any fraudulent activity to our Admin.

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OceansWealth Multilevel structure

To become a member of Oceanswealth, all that is required is a one-time payment of $25 and you are on your way to financial freedom. You can use money earned on whatever you like -luxury,business,family etc. We accept Primarily PayPal and Bitcoin as funding sources as well as all major credit/debit cards, this makes for flexibility in choice of payment and you can withdraw your earnings to your PayPal or Bitcoin account (or bank in some cases). Our system as earlier explained is broken down into five (5) Stages with two (2) levels each from stage1 through stage5, making a total of 10 levels you would earn from and its is backed up with a spillover/spillunder feature which would give you free slots of downlines occasionally, it’s however advised you focus on referring at least 2 people into the program and all will be good.

  • One-time affordable Payment only $25 only-no extra hidden or future fee
  • We accept Bitcoin and credit/debit cards
  • 5 Stages to earn from with cumulative of over $15000
  • Spillover/Spillunder enabled platform to give free slots periodically
  • Marketplace where you can advertise products freely
  • Easy communication between members through an inbuilt quick-messaging system
  • Website is secure with latest web encryption
  • your accounts are protected
  • Our Follow-me/feeder matrix system enables very quick cycle-outs of members

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After you become a member,all that is left is to invite other people to join the network, your referral link is found in member area

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Earn money as you moves up the matrix, upgrades helps cycle you out faster as well as your downlines, get paid promptly on getting to each levels and stages

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